Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Time marches on!

Ok, so yesterday I was 41!
I have no problems whatsoever with my age...I am what I am...but what does scare me is how quickly time is rushing by! Where on earth did that last year go?
I am unbelievably busy in every facet of my life these days, and I can't help wondering when it's all going to slow down a bit. Just a little bit would be nice, so I can take a breath and catch up with myself.
Squeezing everything in is getting harder and harder, and where as I want to be doing my crafting, it's more a case of slotting that into the huge list of must-do's and have-to's that crop up.
I would hate for the creating side of me to become just another chore that has to be done in order to keep up. But where to find a little bit of quality time to sit and enjoy what I want to do?
My head is just brimming with ideas that I don't have the time to explore, so I am writing them all down at the moment so I can come back to them when I can. It's frustrating, but for the most part I wouldn't change my life, after all an over full life has to always be better than an under full one doesn't it?
Anyway, I've managed to upload a few pieces this week, hope you like them.......

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